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  • THE 30LB PIKE BEHIND THE STORY One of the finest stories in Fred Buller’s Pike and the Pike Angler is the tale of how the Rev Tom Secombe Gray caught a 30lb pike from the river Wye in 1905.
  • CROSSMAN, THE SPIRITUAL ARTIST Diane K Inman examines the work of Rod Crossman, an Indiana artist who is one of 10 featured in a new book looking at modern US artists, the motivation and inspiration behind their painting.
  • IN THE KINGDOM OF GENGHIS Of all the places he has visited, Keith Elliott says the one that left the most lasting impression was a pioneering trip after the world’s largest salmonid in Outer Mongolia.
  • Plus: Scottish trout thrived in a Natal river after the Zulu War ended. We look at the story of their introduction. Our eBay spot looks at the Tulsa Wiggler from Goble of Oklahoma. It may well have been made in Germany.
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