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  • The fashion company Chanel is now making a fishing kit, complete with branded flies and boots.
  • Orvis is cutting the price of its showpiece trip to fish for Chile’s salmon and trout by up to $14,000.
  • Our eBay spot looks at the background to a Pezon et Michel cane rod that sold for $2750.
  • A brace of Wadham creels are among the highlights at Bonhams’ annual riverside auction in Henley.
  • You can now buy a coffin that can be personalised with pictures of your favourite fishing locations.
  • A charitable trust is being set up to protect dwindling stocks of mahseer, the legendary Indian fish.
  • A British angler has completed the unique feat of achieving royal slams in billfish, shark and tuna.
  • Clive Gammon talks about how three Frenchmen spoilt his dreams of a sea-going taimen.
  • Neil Freeman looks at hooks and fish spears used by the Inuit people in their battle for survival.
  • John Bailey believes mahseer far bigger than the 120lb world record exist, and he recounts the story of one.
  • Judith Head solves a bookish mystery: who was the author who called himself Martin Pescador?
  • Our books pages cover everything from a new work on Fin-Nor to one giant Atlantic salmon.
  • Jim Bazley was the only man to win the All-England Championships twice. He may be the best match fisherman of all.
  • A comprehensive bibliography of Fred J Taylor starts a new series on writers and their books.
  • In our letters pages a reader wants help to find out more about an old fishing club.
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