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  • It is one of angling’s most extraordinary stories: how the New Zealand “beech mast” attracts millions of mice, and how those mice in turn get snapped up by huge trout. Carl McNeil, who has made a film of the vent called Once in a Blue Moon, tells the story.
  • Insects like these are highly collectable but can be bought very cheaply, says Neil Freeman. But did the Victorian anglers readlly use them for trout fishing?
  • The arapaima is one of the world’s largest freshwater fish, and this near-300lb monster, caught from the Amazon, has set a world record for Jakub Vagner.
  • This party caught over 3000 fish in a week. They were led by the great FWK Wallis.
  • A UK company has been swamped with worldwide demand for its top-of-the-range centrepins.
  • We continue the story of Al MacReyolds’ record striped bass by trying to solve the mystery of how many casts were made of the fish.
  • The rod being held by historian Fred Buller is the world’s first to be made in carbon-fibre. We tell of Hardy’s role in its genesis.
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