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  • It was once the most successful of all charter boats operating from British ports. Now it lies rusting, fit only for scrap. We trace the life and times of Our Unity and its colourful crew.
  • Simon Channing heads to Papua New Guinea, where cannibalism took place until very recently, to fish for the toughest freshwater fish of all – the black bass.
  • A man who shared in this catch of porbeagle sharks was also the top man at catching big roach on a Devon river.
  • Charter skippers wince if they see an angler on their boat with a banana. But what’s behind the superstition?
  • Two of the very rarest Mitchells, a Global and a Silver, have turned up out of the blue in Norway.
  • He was arguably the finest taxidermist of all. Fred Buller tells his memories of watching William Griggs go about his work.
  • Ustonson is the most famous name in early fishing tackle. We add some valuable fresh information and dates to what is known about the firm, started in the 1760s.
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