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  • Alfred Jardine was the greatest pike fisher of his generation, perhaps of all time. We take a look at this contraversial man and dispel some of the myths.
  • These are the fly rods of Col Oborn, a self-taught maker whose popular split-cane fly rods were made from a shed in his back garden in an English village.
  • Reuben Heaton, one of the great names in fishing tackle, is about to start making reels again. It’s 60 years since the company made its last fly reel.
  • This huge striped bass of nearly 82lb breaks the world record – but the captor will not put in a claim.
  • Can you be sure a fly said to be the work of a certain maker is actually his creation? In many cases, you can’t trust the experts.
  • John Baileye reveals that he is about the create a new series of Mr Crabtree. He discusses his fears of taking on the Venables icon.
  • Many think that the Malloch or Illingworth reels were the first fixed-spools, but actually it was an American reel.
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