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In issue 144 of Classic Angling

EXCLUSIVE! We reveal that Chris Yates, the darling of traditional angling, is unlikely to go fishing again after admitting that he hasn’t renewed his licence for five years.

EXCLUSIVE! The famed Wood Pool, the subject of a book by BB that inspired Richard Walker and Chris Yates, had become a marshy swap until one man came to its rescue.

A scientific survey has found many new fish, including ones that are totally blind, living in the Orinoco river between Colombia and Venezuela.

We dig in the archives to find a unique photo of author and top lure collector Chris Sandford jamming with John, Paul George and Ringo.

A new book looks at the many famous anglers and tackle makers such as David Slater, JW Martin and FWK Wallis, who came from the central England town of Nottingham.

Picking a transsexual for the women’s England’s shore fishing team has had serious repercussions, with half the side resigning. and fears that England may not compete in the world championships

A fishing boat has missed out on a $3.6m payout after their winning catch in a tournament was disqualified because the 619lb marlin showed signs of fresh bites from a shark.

Anglers have been asked to watch out after two new species of carp that could prove highly invasive were spotted in UK waters.

One of the finest spots in Britain, the Bridge Pool on the Hampshire Avon, famed for its catches of sea trout and other species, is under threat from a surge of illegal boats and wild swimmers.

A Hank Janner fish-spearing decoy has set a world record, selling for $140,000 at a US sporting sale, while three other Janner-carved decoys topped $50,000 at the same auction.

Anthony Pearson was a popular author and journalist who did a great deal to popularise beach fishing. But his adventures contained more than a little “creative writing”.

Canny air travellers are giving a boost to the tackle trade by wearing fishing vests to carry their luggage so that they can to avoid baggage charges at airports.

John Bailey is in sombre mood as he muses on the future for fishing, amid threats from pollution to sewage discharges.

Richard Hewitt researches a strange handle for a fly rod and .finds that the Maniform actually improves your casting technique

Our books pages review works on hidden Welsh waters, a history of North Country angling and one man’s journey to seek out tiny fish.

We take a look at what’s hot and what’s not from the action in the latest auctions held by Langs and Guyette & Deeter.

Pierre Coursaget looks closely at a 116th century painting of fishing and discovers that it contains an illustration of the very earliest tackle winder.

The Enthusiast is one of angling’s most famous pictures but it turns out that the 1820s oil has enjoyed several iterations.

William Black was also Scotland’s best-selling novelist in the 1870s, but he was also an avid angler and has a monument to him on a Scottish island.

Steve Woit gets excited when a Ross reel, only the fourth known and one differing from the other three turns up on the online auction site eBay.

Keith Arthur concludes his memories of happy times of fishing in the Florida Keys with the tale of landing a tournament sailfish in just 90 seconds.

The world’s smallest fishing boat has a seat and an engine, yet it still costs under £1000 and weighs a mere 25 kilos.

All Our Yesterdays from a 1921 Fishing Gazette tells the tale of caster who outdistanced the baseball idol Babe Ruth.

Australia’s oldest fishing store, Bluewater Tackle World, which has been running for more than 90 years, is set to close because of new regulations.

A Scottish university has warned students that Ernest Hemingway’s classic The Old Man and the Sea contains “graphic fishing content”.

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