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It is surely one of the great fishing mysteries: how did a fresco in the Sistine Chapel that incorporates a TARPON remain unnoticed for 500 years? And why did Michelangelo paint a fish he had surely never seen?

Amsterdam has thrown out a proposal by an animal rights group that wanted to ban all fishing in the Dutch city’s canals and rivers.

Barry Welham, one of the most important angling personalities of the past 50 years, has died. He sold literally millions of reels and worked in senior roles for many top companies, from Orvis to Mitchell and KP Morritt.

The Anglers’ Club of New York has rejected a motion to allow women to join the 100-year-old club, but this decision has resulted in the loss of some distinguished members.

The loss of federal protection for thousands of ephemeral streams across the US could prove disastrous for angling.

Researchers have just ‘discovered’ a fish that has been popular in the aquarium trade since the early 2000s. We find out why the redtail garras has only just been recognised.

Remember Goldie Hawn? We have a picture of her fishing in Alaska, and tell how you can actually go fishing with the star of Private Benjamin and many other films.

A very rare token used to publicise John Cheek’s London shop has just been acquired by our columnist Steve Woit. He tells the story behind the mid-1800s brass token.

A brass Perfect from 1891, one of only two known, comes up for sale this month at Angling Auctions along with other rarities.

All Our Yesterdays from 1895 discovers a call for rainbow trout to be introduced into the United Kingdom, but rejects the idea of stocking with quinnat salmon.

Catfish Chris ponders the mystery of the eBay sellers who are offering newly published books at prices below retail.

The trumpetfish may be the sneakiest of all predators. Scientists have now discovered a new strategy that it uses to catch its prey.

Almost 1200 sewage pipes discharged into the most sensitive UK wildlife habitats for more than 300,000 hours last year.

The capture of a smallmouth bass on Montana’s Bitterroot river has sparked fishery officials to impose emergency regulations to keep the predatory fish away from prized trout waters.

Tim Paisley pays tribute to the multi-talented historian Chris Ball, who played a huge role in carp fishing’s development.

We look at how one man has worked to bring Wood Pool, the classic water that was a core part of many BB stories, back to life from a marshy bog.

Neil Freeman finds that the view from his favourite bench alongside the river Test at Broadlands is no longer such an idyllic one.

John Bailey takes a reader’s complaint to heart and reviews all the amazing events in his life over the past 60 years.

Our books pages review works on bluefin tuna and the eventful lives of Anthony Pearson and Tim Paisley.

We take a look at a surge in prices for books and carved salmon seen in auctions by Guyette & Deeter and Mullock Jones.

A unique100-year-old club named after Francis Francis, which has fished the tidal Thames from home-made punts has had to make its final cast.

Angling boasts some wonderful tales, but some are so outlandish that even the most credulous is unlikely to swallow them.

Creating lightweight reels proved a great marketing success for Hardy’s . We look at the development of these reels.

Are rumours about the demise of the famed Bridge Pool on the Hampshire Avon true or false? We fish it to find out if tales of 100 sea trout in a session are true.

Keith Arthur tells the story of how his life changed when he switched from being a tackle rep to a television presenter.

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