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In issue 146 of Classic Angling

One angler has earned himself more than $100,000 as a bounty for catching the predatory pikeminnow, which threaten runs of juvenile salmon and steelhead.

A new fish has been discovered ‘in plain sight’ on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef’.

Animal rights claims that fish, crabs and squid feel pain ignore the basic principles of sound science, researchers show.

Hildebrandt’s latest auction in Germany is selling a unique display of early fishing tackle with royal links.

A salmon features on the 50p piece of the new British coinage, which highlights creatures that are under threat

All Our Yesterdays page discovers the man who is surely the world’s oldest angler, dying at the grand old age of 169.

Neil Freeman discovers a Hardy New Brunswick reel, so rare that even John Drewett’s classic Hardy book does not have a picture of it.

Editor Keith Elliott travelled to Zambia to pursue tigerfish, but finds the animal attractions of hippos, elephants and baboons wandering into his riverside camp prove even more fascinating than the actual fishing.

Richard Hewitt, boss of Thomas Turner, thought he was buying some well-used sea tackle, but instead uncovers a treasure trove of unfished classic modern reels

Rod Sturdy recalls the day he went to interview the multi-talented Dr Barrie Rickards, and how he was influenced by the Cambridge professor.

Keith Harwood looks at postage stamps showing fishing flies, and ponders whether King Charles III will issue a set highlighting his fishing interests

Keith Arthur tells of the celebrities he met and the exotic travel he enjoyed while working as the presenter of Sky Sports’ Tight Lines.

Our auction pages look at what was hot and what was out of favour in sales at Angling Auctions and Duke’s.

John Bailey, miffed at not being included in a list of the 70 people who changed angling, compiles his own list of worthies.

Our books pages assess Chris Ball’s final work, tales of ghostly fishing happenings and a fine volume on striped bass.

Hatcheries are not the answer to boosting fish numbers. but are actually creating problems, a study of more than 50 years research reveals

A range of new books from Medlar Press includes works on fishing clergy, Dr EA Barton and Exmoor streams.

Jimmy Buffett, who has just died, was best known for his song Margaritaville. But he was an avid angler who spent most of his spare time fishing.

Mystery surrounds what happened to a 56lb carved wooden salmon that was due to come up for auction.

The price of topline lures shows no sign of slowing, judging from prices achieved at the latest Lang’s auction.

Salmon are starting to breed in Arctic waters as the seas grow warmer and fish seek more suitable conditions for spawning.

John Drewett opens a box of tackle that he bought at auction many years ago and finds that he has uncovered a 1910 time capsule.

Clement Booth takes issue with clubs that fail to be inclusive for both men and women, following the Anglers’ Club of New York’s decision to keep women out.

Bernard Venables was best known for his Mr Crabtree Goes Fishing cartoon strip. But he also created another fishing strip cartoon that few know about.

Plus lots more!

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