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  • John Enright’s Castleconnell shop in County Limerick was once world famous, not only for its greenheart rods but also for its proprietor’s oridugious casting ability.
  • The goliath tigerfish is probably the most fearsome freshwater fish, and it’s a devil to catch as well. It is only found in the Congo river, a place where only the very brave or very foolish fear to tread.
  • Frank Mundus, the man who was the inspiration for Captain Quint in Jaws, has died aged 82.
  • The Red River at Lockport, Manitoba, is one of the world’s most prolific fisheries, especially for channel cats.
  • A Tlingit salmon basket has just sold for $55,000. We look at its history, its importance to the tribe and the people who made it.
  • Four new Zippo fishing lighters have just been created by marine artist Dr Guy Harvey. We examine the hisory of the Zippo.
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