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  • With teeth like a vampire, goliath tigerfish are the world’s most frightening freshwater fish. They inhabit the Congo river, a place only the very brave dare to visit. But Simon Channing headed for the Democratic Republic of Congo after the fish from hell.
  • Dennis Pye was one of the most successful pike anglers of all time. But what happened to the cased pike that lived in his fish-and-chip shop?
  • The man who caught the world-record marlin, Alfred Glassell, has died. The 1560lb fish he took in 1953 still holds the record.
  • Graham Turner, author of the best book on collecting, has re-written his 1989 work.  A new 700-page edition will be published soon.
  • An oddball Howban fixed-spool was one of several reels to sell well at Mullock’s in the face of global financial meltdown.
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